We are dedicated to the development of differentiated products for mineral scale control in the water treatment industry. Our team is backed by over 35 years of specific expertise in the design and application of water treatment additives. Our INITIA® polymer additives are thoughtfully engineered to provide customers with best-in-class tools to meet your needs in today’s most challenging applications. Explore our site to learn what drives radical polymers, about our INITIA® line of polymer additives, and about the mechanisms of mineral scale control.

Our Products

Best in class technology for mineral scale control…


high performance sulfonate

best-in-class stabilization functionality

effective silica and silicate stabilizers

excellent  wetting properties keep systems clean

Learn more about INITIA® 205


enhanced polymaleic acid

best-in-class crystal habit modification

zero phosphorous – oxidant stable

effective inhibition to 250X calcite saturation

Learn more about INITIA® 585


high actives/high purity sulfonate

FDA compliant for boiler water

excellent dispersant for inorganic solids

highly effective for phosphonate and metal stabilization

Learn more about INITIA® 310


exceptional control of calcium carbonate

continued stability and efficacy in extreme conditions

stabilization of low levels of ortho-phosphate

control of low levels of transition metals such as iron and zinc

Learn more about INITIA® 770


optimized PCA technology

FDA compliant for boiler water

high thermal and hydrolytic stability

exceptional calcium and barium sulfate inhibition

Learn more about INITIA® 611


instant detection of active polymer

powerful combination with PTSA for dual measurement

unique production method for highly accurate readings

exceptional performance for wide range of mineral scales

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Official supplier of Bayhibit AM

 Radical Polymers is now an official supplier of Bayhibit AM.  Contact us today to place an order!

 Learn more about Bayhibit AM

Our Story

Who we are, how we got here…

We are a family of chemists with extensive experience in the development of specialty polymer additives. We formed our business with a passion for providing highly differentiated technologies that are coupled with an unmatched commitment to customer and technical support. We believe our customers seek and value this approach in the markets we serve.

Michael Standish is co-founder of Radical Polymers. Mike has over 28 years experience in polymer additive design and development. Prior to forming Radical Polymers, Mike served in technical and business leadership roles within global, publically traded chemical companies and is responsible for the development and patenting of industry leading polymers for use the water treatment, oilfield and detergent industries. He has authored and presented numerous industry papers for the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and the American Chemical Society (ACS). Mike has served on the Board of Directors of AWT and holds a BS in Chemistry and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Leslie Standish is co-founder of Radical Polymers. Leslie has over 8 years experience in polymer synthesis and design. Leslie’s experience ranges from synthesis of low molecular weight polymers for the water treatment, detergents and oilfield industries to high molecular weight polymers for use as rheology modifiers in paper, detergents, and textiles. Leslie holds a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Biology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Chelsea Farmer holds a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Biology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She recently graudated with a Master of Science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Chelsea began working as a formulations chemist within the water treatment industry while completing her undergraduate degrees and began working with Radical Polymers as an applications chemist after graduation in late 2013.

Our Values

What we will do…

  • Be Passionate about Faith, Family, and Integrity
  • Listen Carefully to Our Customers
  • Provide Exceptional Customer and Technical Support
  • Be Driven to Deliver Differentiated, Best-in-Class Technologies