INITIA® C828 is the first in a new line of all-organic products designed for mild steel corrosion and mineral scale control in process water applications. INITIA® C828 contains a combination of speciality phosphorous based components that provide robust efficacy in challenging water conditions. INITIA® C828 has been evaluated versus the leading competitive multifunctional inhibitor in a range of test for mild steel corrosion protection and calcium carbonate scale inhibition. Radical Polymers is committed to continue developing comparative data using our industry best-in-class lab and pilot capabilities.


appearance dark brown liquid
solids content 48 – 52%
pH (as is) < 2.0
specific gravity 1.2 – 1.4

INITIA® C828 delivers…

  • all – organic composition
  • highly effective  mild steel corrosion inhibition
  • superior calcium carbonate and sulfate inhibition


suggested applications

  • cooling towers
  • closed loop systems
  • mining

mild steel corrosion protection

INITIA® C828 is an exceptional inhibitor for mild steel, calcium carbonate, and calcium sulfate in process water applications.  INITIA® C828 has been evaluated versus an industry leading Competitive Multifunctional Inhibitor for mild steel corrosion inhibition using the conditions shown in the following table below:

Once the experiment was started a continuous feed of fresh synthetic water and treatment was set up to allow for a turnover of treated synthetic water every 24 hours. Experiments were ran for a minimum of 24 hours where the corrosion rate was calculated via Gamry Framework software. The Gamry Framework software utilized Rp/Ec method performing linear polarization resistance (LPR) on the working electrode. The slope of the LPR data was gathered every 10 minutes by the software and calculated the corrosion rate of the mild steel corrosion at that time. The data shown in the graph below demonstrate that INITIA® C828 performs better than the competitive material by maintaining less than 2 mils per year corrosion rate throughout the duration of the experiment.

calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate inhibition

INITIA® C828 was evaluated versus the Competitive Multifunctional Inhibitor using a modified NACE calcium carbonate test method and the standard NACE method for calcium sulfate inhibition.  In both evaluations INITIA® C828 demonstrated comparative functionality or better to to the Competitive Multifunctional Inhibitor seen in the following graphs.

progressive carbonate failure point 

INITIA® C828 was also evaluated versus the competitive material in a progressive carbonate test.  In this evaluation, a 750 ppm solution of calcium (as CaCO₃) was treated with inhibitor and then titrated with 1 mL additions of a carbonate alkalinity solution to a failure point.  Each 1 mL carbonate addition adds 50 ppm carbonate alkalinity (as CaCO₃).  Failure points were indicated by a sharp decrease in pH and visual observation of turbidity.  The failure point for the competitive material required 1,100 ppm carbonate alkalinity (as CaCO₃) while INITIA® C828 required 1,200 ppm carbonate alkalinity (as CaCO₃) to reach failure point.  The calculated LSI value at failure is 3.0 for each material.  The following graph shows the comparative results.

induction time experiments

For the induction time experiment, a solution containing 400 ppm of calcium (as CaCO₃) and 400 ppm alkalinity (as CaCO₃) were prepared and treated with 20 ppm (as active) of the additive.  The experiment temperature was maintained at 50 °C and the pH was allowed to rise until an infection was recorded and precipitation was observed.  At this point, the induction time (duration the inhibitor prevented precipitation) and the water chemistry limited were calculated.  In the following graph it can be observed that INITIA® C828 outperformed the competitive inhibitor by inhibiting calcium carbonate precipitation for 18 hours (LSI value of 2.64 and calcite saturation of 161X) versus 16.5 hours (LSI value of 2.48 and calcite saturation of 135X).

safety use and handling

Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further information regarding the safe handling and use of INITIA® C828. This product should be stored in a cool/dry place and must be protected from freezing. Avoid storage at high temperatures (>90°F), direct sunlight, and exposure to surface, airborne or other common environmental contaminants such as debris, bacteria, yeast, and mold.