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New Use and Formulation Guide for INITIA® 205

Radical Polymers has prepared a new brochure to highlight the benefits and practical use limits of INITIA 205.   In particular, the brochure focuses upon the benefits of the high level of non-ionic monomer content of the polymer.   These benefits include lower dosage...

New Formulation Guide Available for INITIA® 205

INITIA®205 is specifically designed to leverage the performance benefits of incorporating high levels of non-ionic monomer into the functionalized polymer. These benefits include a dramatic increase of calcium phosphate and iron stabilization functionality over and above competitive copolymers and improved polymer association with hydrophobic contaminants, particulates and debris.

INITIA 205 – Best in Class Performer

    Radical Polymers recently released a comprehensive data package comparing INITIA 205 to a leading competitor. The data targeted calcium phosphate stabilization under a variety of pH, temperature, hardness and phosphate levels. In 7 of 9 evaluations,...

New Product for Silica and Silicate Control

INITIA™ 635 is a product designed for control of silica and metal silicates in industrial water applications such as cooling water, reverse osmosis, and geothermal systems. INITIA™ 635 contains functional groups that are selected to specifically associate with...