DATS 2 mounted on skidMay 02, 2015

Radical Polymers has just purchased a DATS unit for pilot evaluation of its INITIA products.   The DATS (Deposit Accumulation Testing System) was developed by Bridger Scientific several years ago and has become an industry standard for evaluation of additives and treatment programs for process water applications.  More information about DATS units can be found at Bridger Scientific’s website http://www.bridgersci.com.

Mike Standish, Founder of Radical Polymers, states “We are ecstatic to be adding this equipment to our capabilities.  Our goal is to develop best-in-class technology for mineral scale control and provide technical data and support that the independent water treatment community can leverage to grow their businesses.  We believe the comparative data we can generate using the DATS systems will allow us to do just that.”

Radical Polymers has developed INITIA 585, an enhanced polymaleic acid (Patent Pending) that is an exceptional additive for crystal habit modification. https://www.radicalpolymers.com/initia-585/ 

Additionally, INITIA 205 is a best-in-class product for phosphate, iron, and zinc stabilization.   https://www.radicalpolymers.com/initia-205/

Next projects include materials for silica and silicate control and biodegradable scale inhibitor technologies.

For more information, contact Radical Polymers at info@radicalpolymers.com or at +1 423-316-9877.