Sequestration is likely the first interaction employed in the battle of controlling mineral scales such as calcium carbonate. INITIA™ Polymer Additives are highly effective in this first line of defense.   INITIA™ Polymer Additives sequester metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, barium, iron and zinc such that they are unavailable for combination with counter ions such as carbonate, sulfate, phosphate and hydroxide. By definition, INITIA™ Polymer Additives also act as Chelators since two or more of the polymer acid groups are required to fully sequester each multi-valent ion.

The functionality of sequestration and chelation by INITIA™ Polymer Additives is typically temporary in process water treatment applications such a cooling towers and boilers. The duration (how long?) and extent (how much?) the polymer can maintain solubility of metal ion in an environment where a scale forming counter ion is present, is dependent upon many factors. The primary of these are the concentration of the scale forming ions [Metal Ion+][Counter Ion]), pH, temperature, polymer concentration, polymer efficacy (design), presence and concentration of suspended solids, presence and concentration of other soluble ions, the rate in which the water (and its impurities) are concentrated and the frequency of polymer addition.