Threshold Inhibition


Threshold Inhibition requires a sub-stoichiometric relationship between the level of additive and the scale forming species. INITIA™ Polymer Additives are highly effective threshold inhibitiors for a wide range of typical mineral scales. INITIA™ Polymer Additives function via a process of partial and/or temporary sequestration, adsorption upon forming crystalloids, and subsequent re-dissolution of the interrupted crystal lattice.   INITIA™ Polymer Additives fight this battle on two fronts: the water-soluble battle with multi-valent metal ions and the water insoluble battle against forming mineral scale crystalloids. As defined, threshold inhibition is a temporary effect. Thus, INITIA™ Polymer Addtives are winning and losing each of these battles simultaneously until bulk precipitation occurs. Threshold inhibition is an extraordinary event that is somewhat specific to certain polymers types and phosphonates. INITIA™ Polymer Additives are unique and effective tools that provide threshold inhibition properties.